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Because our water damp proof company always pride ourselves as the best you can find and we can beat any competitive price and that’s a guarantee. Here is a tip we can give you, you see usually water damp is caused by excess water build up, rusted or broken pipes or a broken water damp proofing membrane or inadequate drainage. You see, let’s say for example a leaking roof, leaking gutter, downpipe or internal pipe will cause moisture build over time and can cause plaster or exterior render to become loose and flaky which are common tell-tale signs of a damp problem, so take our advice and check it out. We have the best skills and staff who have expertise to fix the damp in your home for good

We do fields of damp repair and waterproofing and we make a proper analysis of the affected area and determine the best course of action before offering a quote to the client. Using only the finest damp-proofing products with a proven track-record, we strive to treat the problem area reliably over the long-term. This is the types of roofs we repair of water damp proofing: flat concrete roofs, IBR roofs Industrial box gutters, corrugated iron roofs, balconies, tiled roofs and much more. We are the water proofing specialists in Johannesburg and have a long and solid track record of damp proofing experience with professionalism. We specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of all forms of water and dampness, and are experienced and trained in various techniques to resolve each client’s particular issue in the most effective way.

A damp-proof course (DPC) is a barrier in a masonry wall designed to resist moisture rising through the structure by capillary action. A good to know and keep this in mind because all lateral damp can be described as moisture forcing its way through walls. If you have waterproofing and still have damp maybe it has deteriorated or been omitted or incorrectly installed. We are also affiliates of the Master Builders Association and don’t leave your damp and waterproofing needs to back yard inexperienced chancer contractors be very careful.

Dampness has far-reaching and potentially expensive consequences. All types of dampness in the home or workplace can cause the following so be extremely careful of deterioration of plaster, paint and wallpaper on damp walls as it can cause asthma, respiratory illnesses and other health issues due to airborne moulds. Also look out for rotting of wood and rusting of steel and iron fasteners and pollution of the indoor air due to deterioration of building materials. We can do diagnosis and treatment of rising damp as well as lateral damp is vital to avoiding many of the structural and health problems. For any further queries contact or email us or to schedule an assessment with us and discuss your water damp problem. we can and we will provide you a free quote.