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Welcome to our water and damp proof company in Gauteng, we are a water and damp proof contractor company based in Johannesburg all of Gauteng. We have the best water damp prevention techniques and we have the best solution. We do it all from detecting the source of the water damp right through to providing expert advice and the most cost effective treatment. We are the water damp proof company that has many years of experience in water damp proofing in the residential and commercial sectors all over Gauteng. Our water damp proof company has a philosophy to deliver a first class operation to our clients. We know what we are talking about when it comes to water damp proofing and the root causes to damp.

We do everything so whether it is rising damp, penetrating damp or water proofing, we the water damp proof company can offer you a free quote and a site survey and report for home owners in Gauteng. We are the professional water damp proofing company in Gauteng, and it’s simple, pick up your phone and dial our number and we will fix your water damp problem for good! We are insurance approved water damp proofing company in Johannesburg and we have been highly recommended by our loyal customer base to date, that’s why we recommend to choose us. We can damp water proof from the smallest of leaks in your roof can, over time cause a damp issue and can also affect your timber and overall roof structure.